About us

The National Institute of Exports (NIOE) is a non- profit institution promoted by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka (NCE). The NCE was established in 1986 and is the only chamber dedicated to exclusively serve Exporters in Sri Lanka. The chamber has over 450 member companies and has helped many small and medium enterprises to grow their businesses.

The current annual exports from Sri Lanka are around US$ 11 Billion. The Government has set an ambitious target of US$ 20 Billion for achievement by the year 2020. In this background several incentives have been already provided to exporters to facilitate achievement of the target. With the liberalization of the economy, and through free trade agreements as well as preferential trade agreements opportunities for international trade between Sri Lanka and the rest of the world has increased significantly, and will continue to increase, due to rapid globalization of the world economy.

In order to achieve the above objectives and sustain exports, the NCE has determined that the exports sector of the country will need the services of professionally qualified personnel who are trained to face global challenges, and ensure competitiveness of Sri Lanka’s exports in the global markets. These skills are in short supply at present.


The vision of the Institute is to enhance the export performance of Sri Lanka by introducing Professional Qualifications in International Trade Management and Export Practices.


The National Chamber of Exporters (NCE) being the EXCLUSIVE chamber of Exporters, to contribute to overcome the increasing challenges the country is facing, to substantially develop its exports, to expand our activities and to provide PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE covering activities in the OFFICE and on the FIELD.


To form, promote, develop professionalism in the field of exports and to encourage development of education for the training of prospective students in export sector.

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