About us

The Damrivi Foundation was set up in 2003 by a group of academics and professionals to establish a forum for social action guided by Buddhist insights and philosophy. The founders were inspired by the conviction that Buddhism provides a philosophy and a way of life promoting welfare of humankind and its harmony with environment . However that the great potential that lies in Buddhism remains to a large extent yet to be explored, articulated and actualized. Over the last 8yrs Damrivi has evolved as a professional forum brining in Buddhist insights to the development process. In line with the cardinal principle of the Buddhist Philosophy, ' Mind is the fore-runner of all phenomena, Mind precedes all good and evil', Damrivi identifies the crux of the problems of the Country that needs to be addressed at all levels of society as having mainly to do with 'attitudes and value system'. Countless Organizations provide material help to those in need. Damrivi places highest priority for nurturing attitudes and values through Buddhist insights and practices. On this basis we have formulated and successfully implemented many projects with a professional and long term input addressing some of the burning problems of our society and the challenges of modernity. The range of our services include programmes to promote mental health, youth programmes, help for distressed, addressing domestic violence, rural development, poverty alleviation, child development, and more. - See more at: http://www.damrivi.net/about-damrivi#sthash.fN3GoJV7.dpuf

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