About us

ASPIRE - International Talent Development Institute, is a BOI (Board of Investments, Sri 

Lanka) approved training center in Sri Lanka devoted to escalate the talents of the youth on an 

extensive range of service industry professionals. It is not just a means of realizing your lifelong 

ambitions; ‘It is your ticket to the world ranks.’

ASPIRE ITDI provides Higher Education to qualify the youth to take up their dream careers in 

Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism and Business. The tailor made, world certified 

curriculum at ASPIRE have been designed by internationally experience expertise to prove you a 

flexible, affordable and internationally accredited qualification that will make you ‘World 


Pearson Company UK is our main awarding body, therefore your certificate is internationally 

recognized! ASPIRE's responsibility is to excel the students academically and cater the 

professionals that the relevant industry yearns for.

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